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  • 2 Cubic Yard
  • Price: $87.00
  • Commercial application only.
    Requires a 3 year contract.
  • 4 Cubic Yard
  • Price: $137.00
  • Commercial application only.
    Requires a 3 year contract.
  • 6 Cubic Yard
  • Price: $157.00
  • Commercial application only.
    Requires a 3 year contract.
  • 8 Cubic Yard
  • Price: $179.00
  • Commercial application only.
    Requires a 3 year contract.

  • 8-Cubic-Yard-Red
  • Price: $179.00
  • Commercial application only.
    Requires a 3 year contract.


Solid Waste Association SWANA – National Garbage Man Day!

Help Rename National Garbage Man Day and You Can WIN!

Help Rename National Garbage Man Day. Submit your suggestion for a chance to win a $100 Amazon Gift Card and a 50th Anniversary WasteExpo Swag Bag!

National Garbage Man Day stands for more than simply thanking the individuals picking up curbside waste. We believe it is important to celebrate all the men and women who care for our environment and keep our communities clean and safe every day of the year.

We value all waste industry professionals and we want to ensure we represent everyone in the sanitation industry. From drivers and haulers to office staff and support personnel, we want to properly recognize all that you do.

What’s in a Name?

National Garbage Man Day is partnering with WasteExpo and inviting you to help rename National Garbage Man Day. You can submit your name suggestions using the online form or you can visit the WasteExpo Booth #3106 at the 50th Anniversary WasteExpo show in Las Vegas.

Help us improve our celebration with your feedback. Tell us your best idea for renaming National Garbage Man Day.

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The new name will be revealed at WasteExpo’s 50th Anniversary Show in Las Vegas, April 23-26, 2018. Along with the renaming announcement, one lucky person will receive a $100 Amazon gift card and a 50th Anniversary WasteExpo Swag Bag.

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Bee Hauling Services, Inc PO Box 65277 Orange Park, FL 32065

Bee Hauling

We deliver dumpsters to suit all your needs

As a locally owned and operated construction assistance company, we are prepared to help with any and all of your dumpster needs. We have a variety of sizes and can deliver with short notice, sometimes even on the same day. We charge one flat rate fee, with no hidden costs!

No matter how bad your commercial or residential home building, demolition and construction debris problem is, Bee Hauling can help.

We specialize in debris removal, including construction debris, land-clearing debris and demolition debris. We can also haul your furniture, Junk, garbage, appliances and other things you may not want away for you. Additionally, we offer complete dumpster services for commercial and residential properties, taking care of the waste removal from start to finish.

We have 10yd, 15yd and 20yd roll-off container service available for contractors working on large projects to safely and correctly dispose of your construction debris and materials. Simply call us when you’re ready for pickup and we’ll be there right away to remove the container. We’re also ready to replace it with a new one as soon as you are.

Bee Hauling provides service throughout Northeast Florida.

Bee Hauling Services, Inc

PO Box 65277

Orange Park, FL  32065

Rolloff & Recycling – West Jacksonville, FL

Dumpster Roll Off Company in Jacksonville

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Through our sister company All-American Rolloff and Recycling we offer rolloff dumpsters for construction waste, demolition debris and construction material recycling in Duval County, St Johns County, Nassau County, and Clay County. We are a locally owned and operated, environmentally responsible construction services company providing our customers with the broadest range of waste management solutions in Northeast Florida. We offer collection, transportation, and disposal. Unlike other rolloff services, we also offer construction recycling services for processing wood/brush, plastics, concrete, metal, cardboard, clean sheetrock and more.

From professional construction and building contractors to homeowners, our goal is to provide customers with confidence and peace of mind that their waste is being handled in full compliance of all laws. Our commitment to the environment is only equaled by our commitment to service our customer’s needs.



We offer Bear Proof Garbage Cans

The city expects to distribute the new cans in two phases this year and next year to areas identified as hot spots for bears by a Colorado Parks and Wildlife study, City Operations Director Levi Lloyd told the Durango City Council at a work session Tuesday.

“We are going to make a significant impact on the amount of calls we are getting,” he said.

Residents who receive the cans will have $4 added to their monthly utility bill for the next 4½ years to pay back the cost of the $220 can.

Bear-strewn trash was a serious problem in the city this fall because a late spring frost killed many natural food sources, such as berries and nuts.

The city, La Plata County Sheriff’s Office, Colorado Parks and Wildlife and Bear Smart received 985 reports related to bears and trash in 2017, Bear Smart Executive Director Bryan Peterson said in an email.

ity Council eliminated warnings for those found with bear-strewn trash in September and instituted immediate $100 fines as part of an emergency ordinance aimed at preventing a serious human-bear incident.

CPW’s study found bears learn to avoid areas where food is not readily available. So council plans to make the new wildlife cans mandatory in two neighborhoods prone to bear problems through a new ordinance it could vote on in March.

The city plans to distribute 600 new cans to homes south of east Seventh Street by May 1. The western boundary of distribution will be East Second Avenue and the eastern boundary will be East Ninth Avenue. The city expects to spend $164,000 on the cans.

In 2019, the area west of north Main from 17th to 36th street will receive 500 cans, which will cost about $137,000.

About 48 percent of city residences have bear-proof cans currently, and once the city completes phasing in the new cans, about 70 percent of all residences will have bear-proof cans. Most other homes have a storage area for trash, such as a garage, Lloyd said. The city plans to distribute wildlife-resistant cans to newly built homes, such as those in Three Springs and Twin Buttes going forward, he said.

The city also ordered 200 additional cans to distribute to people who request one or are required to get one after a bear raids their trash.

The city is setting aside about $23,000 for wildlife-resistant dumpster lids and locks for commercial dumpsters. The money could be used this year or next year.

As part of the new ordinance, the city may also change how it fines residents. Councilors expressed support to eliminate a formal fine and replace it with a requirement that residents get a bear-proof can from the city. Residents would pay a $100 delivery fee for the can, which would be added to their bill. The fee would help the city recover the cost of the cans. In the past, fines went back into the city general fund.

The new ordinance could also change how businesses are fined for bear-strewn trash. Rather than a flat $100 fine for the first offense, it could be based on the size of the garbage can or dumpster, Mayor Dick White suggested.

Before enacting the new ordinance, the city plans to pass another extension of its emergency ordinance that was set to expire March 16.

“The message is getting out. … This is a problem that won’t be tolerated,” Councilor Dean Brookie said.

ABC Disposal Service, Inc. New Bedford, MA

ABC Disposal Service provides Residential Services for both Municipalities and private individual residents offering weekly, bi-weekly and monthly solid waste and recycling collection services at reasonable and competitive rates. We can offer customized collection programs to handle any of your service needs utilizing the most modern collection technologies. We offer both 64 gal and 96 gal toter’s services as well as all types of residential recycling programs.

Call ABC Disposal today to speak with one of our professional residential account representatives.

> Recycling for Tomorrow

Residential customers are reminded, all curbside pick-ups need to be placed by the curbside no later than 7 am on your scheduled collection day. Thank you for your cooperation.




Click Images to Enlarge

Front Load Truck

Residential Rear Packer

Curbside Recycling Trucks with rightside drive.

Automated Side Loader for Curbside Trash or Recycling in private developments or municipalities.
ABC Disposal Service, Inc. / 1245 Shawmut Avenue / New Bedford, MA 02746


Dumpster Service for Storage & Logistics Locations

In warehouses and storage facilities, waste and recycling materials can accumulate from the many different shipments received.It is not uncommon for the need to have items repacked into smaller units before leaving the storage or distribution facility again. The resulting empty cardboard boxes, and plastic shipping material waste can accumulate quickly and requires space to be stored before it can be properly disposed. In many facilities this involves collecting the waste and carrying it outside to large dumpsters, which are collected regularly. Although doing this does move the waste away from the floor, it also takes time from more important tasks.

With the help of AW Waste, storage and logistic facilities can reduce waste and recycling costs by 35% to 79%.

We offer a free consultation and evaluation of your storage and logistics facility’s waste and recycling.

By treating waste management as an integrated part of the overall workflow throughout the warehouse or storage facility, it is possible to optimize internal waste and recycling processes to create a positive effect on your bottom line.

One of our professional Waste Consultants can perform a thorough check of how your waste is handled to reveal how considerable cost savings can be within reach for your storage or warehouse facility. Once our analysis is complete, you will receive a savings report showing all the available options for your business.

By installing a compactor or baler from Arwood Waste, our customers gain a fast and efficient way of handling their waste. AW Wastes’ balers and compactors are designed to promote swift handling of loose waste and a more efficient work environment.

AW provides products and services that are ideal, regardless of the size of your warehouse or storage facility. Whether it is a small warehouse to a major distribution facility, we can help you choose the right solutions that are crucial to your success with respect to waste handling and disposal.

Texas Waste Co. – Dumpster Rental – Houston to Galveston

Image may contain: outdoor

Established in 1999 near Alvin, Texas Waste Co. rents air conditioned restroom trailers, porta-cans and hand wash stations to events and construction site from Houston to Galveston.

Texas Waste Co. rents portable toilets, luxury restroom trailers and hand wash stations for construction jobs, weddings, corporate parties, and cook-offs.
 Dumpster RentalAs a privately held dumpster rental and container hauler, Texas Waste Co. works with its customers to provide the best dumpster rental and roll off services for their needs and at a fair price. We understand that customer service is invaluable and look forward to earning your construction and industrial waste business. We proudly provide:

Live dispatching;
GPS driven processes to promote precise pricing and delivery;
Careful dumpster placement;
Daily, weekly, monthly, or as needed scheduling;
Same day service, subject to premium price, distance and availability;
Flexible roll off container sizes for every project;
Competitive ZIP code specific pricing; and
Four ways to order: phone, online, email, and fax.
We offer a variety of 20, 30 and 40 cubic-yard roll off dumpster containers for commercial construction, residential construction and/or industrial sites. Our employees are ready to use their industry experience to help you determine which container size is right for your particular project. Give us a call or contact us online to rent a dumpster for your site today!

Our offering includes:
20 Cubic Yard Bathtub Dumpster Containers

30 Cubic Yard Bathtub Dumpster Containers

30 Cubic Yard Standard Dumpster Containers

40 Cubic Yard Standard Dumpster Containers

Standard Portable Toilets
Handicapped Accessible Portable Toilets
Hand Wash Stations
Sewage Tanks (for construction trailers)
Restroom Trailers (for events)

How To Keep Your Dumpster Rental Within The Weight Limit!

Even the most experienced waste removers have gone over the weight limit, while using a dumpster rental. Although this is a rather common problem within the waste removal industry, it is easily avoidable, especially if you are working with the right rental company. There are a great deal of variables that could ultimately lead to an overweight dumpster, but let’s set the record straight on the weighing of your dumpster.

The weighing of unwanted materials prior to being dumped into the landfill is highly regulated and pretty standard across the industry. The weighing is conducted multiple times by a state certified “Weight Master.” It is not only very accurate, but a highly transparent process. For the most part, it is handled by a third party and then they bill the dumpster rental service the overages on a monthly basis.

The best way to keep your dumpster within the weight limit is to rent the appropriate size container for your waste removal project. Every job is different, so it essential to determine the total amount of materials that are needing removal. Rely on your dumpster rental customer service representatives expertise, if you are between dumpster sizes. However at the same time you need to be cautious because a not so reputable waste removal service could lead customers into renting the wrong size container to cash in on your overage charges.

It is always better to rent a higher capacity dumpster than you think, because not only will you avoid expensive fees, but also keep your dumpster within the weight limit. Many people do not account for the trash that will inevitably be created throughout the waste removal project. One way to find out how much materials you have is to do the “Trash Bag Test.” For ever 1 cubic yard of capacity, you should be able to fit 10 trash bags. So a 20-yard dumpster rental, can handle about 200 trash bags.

After your dumpster rental arrives at your desired location, there are still some crucial steps to keep your container under the specific weight limit. A general guideline for loading dumpster rentals is to not fill the container above the sides. This WILL NOT guarantee your dumpster will be under the weight limit and is primarily to ensure your rental can safely and legally be picked up by the hauler. It is important to understand, it is the ACTUAL weight of your materials, not how much you can fit inside the rental.

If you are disposing heavy debris, such as concrete it should not be loaded over halfway up the sides of the container. Also most rental services do not allow customers to mix heavy debris with normal household waste. Please consider, trying to deceive waste removal services by “sneaking in” prohibited or extra debris rarely works and will result in additional charges. The materials are highly regulated and are looking for people that try to slip waste by them.

As you begin putting your unwanted materials into your dumpster, it would be beneficial to keep a rough running tally of the weight of your trash. Now this may be difficult, but it important to have at least an estimate of the current weight of your container. It will be even more imperative as your roll off dumpster nears capacity.

If you still have some more trash and the dumpster is getting pretty full, you will enter a very serious cross roads with 3 options.

Option #1: Fill your dumpster rental with your additional materials and hope your dumpster is within the weight limit. If you rented the appropriate size container, there will not be an issues or extra fees. However continuing to fill your dumpster, makes you vulnerable to overage charges.

Option #2: The safest option is to air on the side of caution and just have your dumpster rental picked up, even if you have some extra trash not inside the dumpster. The cost of the additional fees associated with going over the weight limit will not be worth the convenience of getting rid of all your unwanted materials. The money that you will save will be more than cover the cost of the additional disposal.

Option #3: As you near capacity, request an Empty and Return from your dumpster rental provider. They will arrive at your location, pick up your full dumpster and drop off an empty rental. This will keep your project going and allow you to stay well under the weight limit.

Sending a dumpster to a landfill that is in question of being overweight is not fun or smart. With overage charges being issued on a monthly basis, it is a “weighting” game to find out if you went over. Give yourself some piece of mind by not overloading your rental, so you will not have to worry about if you went over the limit.

Overage charges is probably the biggest complaint of dumpster rental services. Most waste removers fail to understand it is their fault and it was easily avoidable. As long as you rent the appropriate size dumpster and not attempt to overload the container, you will put yourself in the best position to not be subjected to expensive overage charges. Please contact DumpsterSizes.com directly with any specific questions regarding going over the weight limit.

Advanced Disposal Crew – Jacksonville FL Tire Buyback Program

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